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Useful and/or nice websites:
Anti Adware! Friends
Music Web Tools
Dutch law

Anti Adware links (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!):
BD_rem_tool.zip BitDefender Conficker/Downadup removal tool
CCleaner CrapCleaner
Subratam forum Subratam forum for all imaginable links
Merijn Merijn's download page
Lamb Awwwwwwwwesome... This band is the best. Check out their website, and their music...
Da Hostile Zyztem Da homepage of DD, da sysop of da Hostile Zyztem
Da Big Busy Boyz Da HTTP site of da Boyz (Tymusz, Busy R. and Stonie)
Da Big Busy Boyz FTP Da FTP site of da Boyz
Da Audio Brotherhood Let's not forget da site of da R-Jam...
The first unofficial Lamb home page If you like the music of Lamb...
Azur Online Book- & Record Store Wanna buy books/records?
Music and Video Online Record- and Video Store Wanna buy records? Wanna buy musicvideos?
Ellesdesia Online Virtual Record Store Wanna buy a record?
The Ultimate Band List All you never wanted to know about artists
Anonymizer Anonymize your Web-actions (HTTP/FTP)
Mirabilis LTD. The providers of the fantastic ICQ network
Fortify Encryption for Windows 95
Dutch law:
Sdu Informatiebank Publications from the Dutch government (the former Staatsdrukkerij)
Postbus 51 Information from the Dutch government
De Digitale Advocaat Need a Dutch lawyer?